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Ann Holmes - Graduate Group in Ecology

Research Interests

I'm a Doctoral Candidate in Ecology looking for postdoctoral research opportunities starting in Fall 2023. My CV is linked at the top of this page.

Interests: conservation genetics, DNA metabarcoding, ecosystem services, endangered species, environmental DNA (eDNA), estuaries, evolution, marine ecology, Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), mentorship, museum and natural history collections, open access data and data sharing, phylogenetics, qPCR, trophic interactions, wetlands.

I study biodiversity, conservation, ecology, and trophic relationships of wetland, estuarine, and coastal species using genetic tools. My goal is to help make conservation genetic data more accessible for sustainable resource management and inclusive development. I’m especially excited the intersection of eDNA, population genetics, and phylogenetics. The taxonomic scope of my work is broad and currently includes fish, bats, and arthropods.

I mentor undergraduates through compensated research opportunities, training in eDNA methods and bioinformatics, student-driven projects, and conference presentations. Undergraduate research conducted by Serra Perry (UC Davis '21) and Khyana Yearwood (UC Davis '22), now working as Junior Specialists in the lab, is described below. Former undergraduate researcher Shayan Kaveh (UC Davis '20), now a graduate student at UC Santa Barbara, describes his experience studying fish communities and bat diets with me here. ​​​​​


B.A., Biology, Cornell University

M.S., Biology, San Francisco State University

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