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Dr. Bernie May - Founder and Chief Financial Officer of the GVL, Emeritus Adjunct Professor

Research Interests

During Career: During my professional career (University of Washington, University of Maine, The Pennsylvania State University, Cornell University, and University of California at Davis) I worked on a diversity of organisms and with a great number of researchers. My interest was not in specific organisms or specific questions, but rather in generating genetic data to help others answer their scientific questions. I was also heavily involved in the education of graduate students and helping them gain graduate degrees and achieve success in their career objectives.

Current: Helping current graduate students, early career professionals, and former GVL alums optimize their career aspirations through personal discussions and making connections for them with others.

Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, in Genetics--1980

"The salmonid genome: evolutionary restructuring following a tetraploid event."

M.S., University of Washington, in Fisheries--1975

"Electrophoretic variation in the genus Oncorhynchus: the methodology, genetic basis, and practical applications to fisheries research and management."

B.S., University of Washington, in Molecular Biology--1973

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